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Wisconsin Law Firm Breakups & Departures

Ethical counsel for law firm dissolution, break-up and attorney departures.

Law Firm Dissolutions in Wisconsin and Illinois

Wisconsin Law Firm Dissolution & Attorney Departures

The move from one law firm to another is a delicate one that is often contentious. The Katz Law Firm has been retained by many lawyers and law firms relating to the dissolution or break-up of firms. The goal in these matters is to minimize any litigation and to assist with the transfer of clients and files to a new practice with limited interruption to his client’s practices. However, if litigation is required, The Katz Law Firm has significant experience representing lawyers in their transition away from their prior practices.

Attorney Departure & Client Transfer Services

Calling upon his deep knowledge of legal malpractice and attorney ethics to bear on the situation for the benefit of his clients, The Katz Law Firm can assist in attorney departure matters including but not limited to:

  • Litigation due to a departing partner
  • Representation for lawyers in their transition from prior practices
  • Assist with the creation of new law firms
  • Form strategy to ethically transfer clients and legal files to new firm
  • Examine departing lawyer’s pre and post departure steps

Experienced Wisconsin Legal Counsel for Attorney Departures & Law Firm Dissolution

The Katz Law Firm is a legal malpractice and professional responsibility law firm, providing legal representation and counsel in cases of attorney departures and law firm dissolution. Jefferey Ogden Katz has been a trusted advisor to attorneys at every step of their departure, helping to form strategy with respect to the ethical transfer of clients and legal files to that attorney’s new firm, assisting with the creation of an entirely new law firm and resolving matters from their prior firm.

On many occasions, The Katz Law Firm has been retained by law firms after a partner or associate has departed from their firm. In those situations, they help the law firms examine the departing lawyer’s pre and post departure steps to make sure that the law has been followed. To the extent departing lawyers have ignored the law and taken either pre or post departure steps to transfer to a new firm that deviate from the law, The Katz Law Firm is experienced in both resolving and litigating claims for law firms in order to make sure that they are properly compensated for their work on those client files prior to the attorney departure.