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Wisconsin Attorney State Bar & Board Defense

Objective representation for attorneys charged with ethical violations.

Attorney Discipline, Ethics Violations & Professional Defense

Receiving a communication from the state bar office may bring with it fear and panic. Hiring a competent and experienced legal malpractice law firm, like The Katz Law Firm, to respond allows for an objective reply and your best chance for early resolution.

The Katz Law Firm has experience representing attorneys who have been charged with ethical violations. They are very well-versed in responding to initial inquiries with a factual explanation of the attorney-client relationship at issue and the law that supports the available defenses. They have defended attorneys before the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation. And while the vast majority of state bar complaints do not proceed to trial, they have the experience and knowledge to try cases involving attorney ethics before the state board.

Wisconsin Attorney State Bar & Board Defense

With decades of practice focused on attorney ethics and legal malpractice, The Katz Law Firm is able to provide unmatched representation for attorneys charged with ethical violations by the state bar, including cases involving but not limited to:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Breaches of fiduciary duties
  • Incorrect legal advice
  • Not properly knowing or following the law
  • Making incorrect legal decisions
  • Lawyer incompetence or negligence
  • Deviations from standard of care
  • Communications between lawyer and client

Experienced Attorney State Bar & Board Defense

While most state bar complaints don’t go to trial, The Katz Law Firm prepares for each matter as if it could. This greatly increases the strength of our responses and keeps us prepared along the way. On most occasions, The Katz Law Firm has been able to resolve the matter after a response to the initial inquiry, preventing it from appearing on the lawyer’s public record. Through discovery and depositions, they’ve also been able to resolve matters without any form of public or private reprimand even after a complaint has been filed.