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    ‘Robot Lawyer’ Class Action Dismissed By Ill. Court

    robot lawyer

    In MillerKing LLC v. DoNotPay Inc., MillerKing LLC proposed a class action lawsuit against DoNotPay Inc. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant’s offerings took away from their firm, and harmed their standing in the marketplace. MillerKing LLC also alleged that the “robot lawyer” gave an impression that its services were connected to licensed attorneys, which was false and violated rights of law firms. An Illinois Federal Judge later dismissed the case.

    The suit seems to have been proposed for misrepresentation. Rule 4.1 (1) states “Misrepresentations can also occur by partially true but misleading statements or omissions that are the equivalent of affirmative false statements.”

    While MillerKing LLC claims that the defendant harmed their standings and took away from their firm due to false impressions, they were unable to prove any real injury. They have not provided any evidence that that their reputation has been harmed, or that there has been a diversion of clients. Due to the inability to prove these things, MillerKing LLC will have until December eighteenth to file a revised complaint. Otherwise, the proposal will be dismissed with prejudice.

    The plaintiff has proven no real harm to their firm due to the defendant’s offerings. Even though DoNotPay Inc. has gone under fire multiple times this year, MillerKing LLC has yet to prove any wrongdoing on behalf of the defendant. Due to the lack of verification that they have suffered marketplace harm or otherwise, the case will be dismissed if there is no revised complaint by December eighteenth.