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    Atty Reprimanded For Coaching Client During Zoom Depo

    Atty Reprimanded For Coaching Client During Zoom Depo

    Attorney Jeffrey M. Rosin has been reprimanded following a vote by the BBO. Rosin was representing his client in federal court, when he was caught over Zoom whispering an answer to his client. The attorney and client duo were in the same room and wearing masks. The opposing council viewed a video of the hearing which showed Rosin whispering or communicating with his client fifty times after a question was asked. It was decided in 2022 that Rosin had in fact violated federal rules. As such, it was also found that Rosin’s conduct negatively reflected his fitness to practice law.

    U.S. Code Section 1512 of Title 18 prohibits tampering with a witness. This title “…proscribes conduct intended to illegitimately affect the presentation of evidence in Federal proceedings or the communication of information to Federal law enforcement officers. It applies to proceedings before Congress, executive departments, and administrative agencies, and to civil and criminal judicial proceedings, including grand jury proceedings”.

    Rosin feeding answers to his client is a prime example of illegal conduct as stated in Title 18. By telling his client what to say, or otherwise communicating with the client, he was intending to affect the presentation of evidence. By manipulating testimony, an entire trial can be obstructed, as the judge as well as jurors are unable to tell what is and is not true.

    It is clear that Jeffrey M. Rosin violated federal rules due to tampering with a witness. This not only hurts the court process, but also harms his reputation as an attorney. In addition, the BBO is imposing a public reprimand for Rosin. Overall, the harmful conduct that was committed by Rosin has negatively reflected on his fitness to practice law.